For this weeks Warmup Wednesday we had to include a prank in a story about the following prompt:

Chili sauce. CC3.0 by SA photo by MKAT.
Chili sauce. CC3.0 by SA photo by MKAT.

Hot Head

Frank grinned, “Let’s go water bomb Mr.Jones again!”
I groaned, “The joke’s worn off Frank, don’t you remember how mad he was last time?”
“Screw him!” He scooped up our carefully prepared arsenal and rode off.

As we pulled up we were confronted with an unlikely sight. Jones was waiting for us. He lofted a water balloon of his own, “If you punks want war, it’s war you’ll get.”
“Take your best shot old man,” Frank taunted.

The first couple fell short, but one finally connected. Frank laughed momentarily, then he ran off screaming. All I heard was “hot sauce!”