For this weeks Warmup Wednesday we had to incorporate some form of magic into a 100 word story about the following prompt:

Oh Venezia! CC2.0 photo by Jose Maria Cuellar.Oh Venezia! CC2.0 photo by Jose Maria Cuellar.


Martinique stared at the silhouette dancing in the earning morning sun. She jumped up and down on her parents bed, “Daddy, there’s a man dancing outside.”

Her Father opened one eye, “Don’t worry, that’s just Sol. He dances to the sun every morning.”
“So the sun know’s it’s time to wake up.”
“What if he forgets?”
“Then it would be dark. Now go back to sleep.”
Martinique reluctantly placed her head back on the pillow, marvelling at the magic of the world.

Mummy whispered quietly, “What’s actually going on outside?”
“Just a drunk student doing the walk of shame.”