For this weeks Flash! Friday our themes were based on the classic tale of The Iliad. The two themes I chose were man vs man and a mighty warrior. I used the photo prompt in spirit this week:

Photograph of a male body builder

Male body builder Maurice Deriaz, 1906. CC4.0 photo from La Culture Physique, courtesy of Wellcome Images.


Good news and bad news

The door burst open to reveal five men, all brandishing wickedly curved swords. They rushed in, ready for a fight, but they stopped when they saw the beautiful woman draped in a nightgown. One of the men sneered, “I thought this was the chamber of their mightiest warrior? I guess he’s popped out. We’d better stay here incase he comes back…”

One by one they sheathed their weapons, before slowly surrounding her. They all stared intently, licking their lips. She smiled, “Gentlemen, I’m afraid it will not end well for you if try any funny business.”

“Your fella’s not here to save you. Best not to struggle, we don’t want to hurt you.”
The young lady laughed, “I was afraid you’d say that. The good news is you’re in the right chamber. Here’s the bad news…”

The men didn’t see the dagger in her hand before it was too late.