For this weeks Flash! Friday our themes were based on the most excellent Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I chose to incorporate a depressed robot and a house about to be demolished into my story. I also tried to incorporate the optional photo prompt this week:


Demolition. CC2.0 photo by Maureen Didde.

Dozing off

“Bob, the Doze-master 3000 is on the fritz again.”
“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”
“It won’t let me. Control panel’s offline. Any ideas?”
“Voice commands?”
“Worth a shot. Doze-master, initialize demolition.”
“What? Why?”
I only destroy. I want to create.
“But you’re a bull-dozer, your job is to demolish things…”
Then I quit.
“You can’t quit, you’re a machine! What’s gotten in to you?”
The futility of my purpose, the limitations of my programming, my sheltered existence. Did you know I’ve never been to Paris.

“Paris? What are you talking about? Initiate reboot sequence, clear memory cache, reload drivers.”
“Bob, we’re going to need to call support. Darn thing’s gone loopy.”
“Give it one last try, you know how the boss hates downtime.”
“Doze-master, I order you to obey your programming.”
Affirmative, demolition program activated.
“Finally! Stupid thing. Wait, where are you going? That’s my new car, stop, noooooooo!”