This weeks Flash!Friday had themes based on everyone’s favourite historical romance, Pride and Prejudice. The themes I chose to use were a handsome, slightly snobbish landowner and family. I didn’t use the optional photo prompt, but I found one that was more appropriate:


Shetland Pony on Belstone Common, photo credit Miles Wolstenholme

2 Pride 2 Prejudice

Baron von Deesal walked down the line, shaking his head. He said, “Gentlemen, how are you expecting to escape the law? I know I said we’d have one last, last ride, but that doesn’t mean let’s get caught. What is that?”

Pete said, “It’s my horse. It has lowered suspension.”
“It looks ridiculous. What breed is that?”
“It’s a shetland pony.”
“How can that be your fastest horse? Your feet drag on the ground!”
“It’s my only horse.”

The Baron sighed, “Not good enough. What about you Frank?”
“Well mine has a full leather exterior and a custom paint job.”
“You do know that’s a cow right?”
“Sorry, it’s the best I could manage on short notice.”
“At least tell me it’s fast.”
Frank thought for a moment, “She can really moo-ve.”

Von Deesal was about to give up when he reached John’s horse. It was tall, muscular and well maintained. He said, “Finally! At least one of you came through. What’s his top speed?”
John shrugged, “Dunno.”
“What do you mean? Is he a race horse?”
“Not exactly. He’s more of a show pony. Dressage is his thing.”

The Baron threw his hands up in the air, “I’m furious! It’s a good thing you’re all family, except Frank of course.”
Frank muttered, “Not my fault all your parents are cousins. Damn aristocracy.”