For this weeks Flash!Friday our themes were based on Moby Dick. The themes I chose were a mighty whale and the cost of obsession. I kind of used the optional photo prompt this week:


Naufragos/Shipwrecked. CC2.0 photo by Luis Marina.

Son of a beach

Here I am, the last gasps escaping me, sand in one eye and sky in the other. I just want one last glance at my true love.

I hear his voice on the breeze, “She’s a beauty. Didn’t even need the harpoon, she chased me right onto the beach.”

He’s here! I wonder if he will notice me?
“She’s massive! Wonder why she beached?”

I knew I should have lost some weight. Why do those giant squid have to taste so good?

I can feel him, he’s climbing me. This is it! My first kiss. Who cares if it’s with a human. I see his silhouette and I know that he’s here to rescue me.

I don’t see the spear until it’s too late.