For this weeks Flash! Friday we had exactly 150 words to make up a story based on the following prompt:

Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn Kiser.

Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn W. Kiser.


Paul pulled his winter scarf up over his mouth, “We have to find the source. If we don’t get it under control it could infect the entire population within hours.”

Mitch stared at his carefully hand drawn map, “It can’t be far from here, all our eye witness accounts point towards this location.”

Their foe was invisible, unforgiving, timeless. They scanned the area, looking for clues. Paul watched as a young boy sipped from the communal water fountain. That was it, that was how the disease was spreading. He reached into his backpack for the police tape he’d borrowed from his Dads work bag. As Paul bundled up the deadly fountain the emergency bell went off. He was out of time.

He turned to find Mrs. Connor standing over him, “Oh dear Paul, please don’t tell me you’re still paranoid about Cooties! Lunch time is over sweetie, back to class.”