This weeks Flash!Friday had themes based on the classic Gone with the wind. I chose to use a slave whose cruel situation is never acknowledged and determination. I did use the optional photo prompt as my inspiration this week:

oak-alley-plantationOak Alley Plantation. CC2.0 photo by Corey Balazowich.

The path to salvation

The sun beats down on me, as unforgiving as Masters whip. My sweat drips onto the dark red path. I lay the next brick, slotting it into place. Only three more to go. I flatten out the mortar with my quivering hand. It must be perfect. This path is my legacy. I have built it to be as unbreakable as my spirit.

One by one the gaps are filled. As the last brick slots into place I stand, stretching out my back with a groan.

I see Master and his wife walking down the path. His expression is a mix of admiration and frustration. He underestimated me. As he approaches I search for any sign of appreciation, no matter how small. Instead he turns to his wife and says, “What do you think?”
She huffs, “I’d have preferred it in grey.”

The Master smiles his wicked smile, “You heard her. Rip it up and do it again.”