As a reminder every Friday I am going to write a flash fiction using a randomly generated theme. This week I got:

A bus stop is the location, fear is the theme. A necklace is an object that plays a part in the story.

Here’s what I came up with:

Sophie cursed as the bus pulled out from the stop moments before she reached it. She skidded to a halt, panting and out of breath. She made a mental note to go to the gym more often. She ducked into the bus shelter to escape the rain. It would be at least 30 minutes until the next bus. She cursed again and jumped when a voice unexpectedly responded, “That’s not polite for a lady.”

Sophie wheeled to find a scruffy young man leaning in the entrance to the bus shelter. Something in his eyes made her instantly nervous. He stepped towards her confidently, “You know it’s not safe for a young woman to be out so late by herself.”

She thought fast, “I’m waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.”

“Funny I could have sworn I just saw you running for that bus.” He moved towards her until he was inches away. Sophie felt her muscles tense. She couldn’t run, he was blocking the only exit. She reached into her purse, her pulse racing. His eyes ran up and down her body and stopped at her chest. He said, “What a lovely necklace. Is that a real diamond?” He put his hand in his pocket, reaching for something. Sophie panicked and pulled the can of mace out of her purse, unleashing the contents into her muggers face. As he fell down clutching his eyes she made a dash for it, screaming for help.

Daniel rolled on the ground, his face on fire. As his vision slowly returned he reached for his phone and called Simon, “Mate, remind me to punch you the next time I see you. That flirting advice you gave me about trying to comment on something the girl is wearing just backfired spectacularly!”