This weeks randomly generated theme is:

A lift is the location, blood is thicker than water is the theme. An umbrella is an object that plays a part in the story.

Ok, so here goes:

As I wait for the lift I silently pray she won’t be in it. I watch the LED number descend all the way to the teens, where the cubicle fodder like me exists.  There’s a bing and the doors slide open. Of course she’s standing right there in an elegantly tailored outfit. Every single day she’s there, reminding me that she has come all the way down to where I am. I squeeze in with the others.

A cute guy smiles and says, “I hope you brought your umbrella, it’s raining hard.” I pull one out of my handbag. It has cats on it. I like cats. They don’t judge me for my cankles or frizzy hair. I don’t understand how she has legs up to her neck and pin straight hair. I feel her behind me, she’s about to be annoyingly bubbly. Right on cue there’s a pathetic giggle and a tap on my shoulder, “Hey sis, fancy meeting you here! I just realised I left my umbrella at home. Can I borrow yours?”

“What would I use?”

She doesn’t miss an opportunity, “Well you might get damp, but who would notice? You can hide in your cubicle. I have to present to the board this afternoon, and I had my hair done especially. Please Chubs, be a sweetie.”

She knows how much I hate that nickname. Normally I’d hand it over, but today I’m going to take a stand. I say, “Too bad, you’re the strategic mastermind, you should have planned ahead.” I smile to myself, a tiny victory.

She just shrugs and turns to the cute guy, “I don’t suppose you have an umbrella you could lend me?”

He whips his umbrella to her so fast I hear the swoosh. I really hate her.