This weeks Flash! Friday asked us to incorporate a dancer into a story about the following prompt:

Dancing at the Red Cross Fund, Brisbane, 1942. Public domain photo.Dancing at the Red Cross Fund, Brisbane, 1942. Public domain photo.

Dancing Days

The lights are blinding, the sound of politely muffled silence from the crowd is a deafening roar. It is the moment I have been dreaming of, my time in the spotlight. Each move is etched into my memory from the countless hours of practice. I glide with effortless grace, my limbs are as supple and weightless as freshly filled balloons.

I follow my steps perfectly, but then without warning I lurch forwards, catching myself by surprise. This isn’t part of the routine but something else takes over. I twist and turn so beautifully the crowd bursts into tears, and I crumple to the floor exhausted.

I hear voices mumbling quietly from the front row.
“Sit rep?”
“Young female. Car accident. Severe head trauma, multiple fractures.”
“What’s with the outfit?”
“She was on her way to a dance recital.”
“Her Mother. She’s being treated for shock.”
“Ok, prep surgery. Remove the tutu, I’m afraid her dancing days are over.”