I’m dedicating this weeks Flash! Friday entry to Sir Terry Pratchett, who was an inspiration to me both as a young reader and more recently as a not so young writer. His books made me laugh out loud so often that I literally couldn’t drink while reading them, for fear of choking. His characters were so full of life and personality, it was like having a group of hilarious friends that you could call upon whenever you liked. Except Granny Weatherwax of course, she doesn’t come running for anybody! The world he created was fantastical, but the real magic was the way he turned every day things into page turning adventures.

You will truly be missed Sir Terry. I will never forget your immortal words – The pen is mightier than the sword, if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.

For this weeks story we had to incorporate a Girl Next Door into a story about the following prompt:

Black and White House. CC2.0 photo by Scott Ableman.Black and White House. CC2.0 photo by Scott Ableman.

Nobody’s Business

It took me a long time to find my gift. The irony is that people had been telling me what it was my whole life, I just didn’t listen.

They’d say it politely of course. I’m a plain Jane, a six out of ten, the girl next door. I was furious for a while, nobody wants to be a nobody. I’d focus my anger on the platinum blondes that sashayed down the halls. They don’t notice me of course. I am invisible to them, not pretty enough to be competition, not ugly enough to bully. If only I’d figured this out sooner!

The party’s in full force when I arrive. It’s like a scene from a beer commercial, everyone young, attractive and having a good time. I wasn’t invited of course. I stroll past the crowds, confident in my power. No-one talks to me or even looks at me. I’m not worthy of their attention.

I locate the master bedroom. The jewelry box is brimming with goodies. I select a stunning sapphire necklace and place it carefully around my neck. I dig out matching earrings, because a girl’s got to accessorize. Then I amble right out again. It may suck to be a nobody, but it pays the bills.