For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate the Beach into a story about the following prompt:

Old Woman. CC2.0 photo by Giorgio Grande.

Old Woman. CC2.0 photo by Giorgio Grande.

Time to Retire

Agatha hobbled down the street, leaning heavily on her bicycle. A nice young lady stopped to ask if she needed any help.
Agatha smiled, “Why yes dear, could you point me towards Ray’s beach bar?”
The young lady looked puzzled, “It’s just over that ridge, but are you sure that’s where you mean to go? It’s rather unsavory.”
“Oh yes, I’ve heard there’s a lovely view from the patio. You can see all the way across the bay to the harbor.”
“That’s true. You just be careful ok.”
“Careful is my middle name dear.”

Ray’s was indeed where it was supposed to be, and there were already patrons. How unfortunate for them. Agatha counted seven, big guys. They saw her enter but paid no attention, no one ever did. They didn’t see her twin silenced pistols until it was too late. She mostly aimed for kneecaps, except for the guy that pulled a knife on her. He took one to the groin.

She ignored the groans from the bar and wheeled the bike to the patio. She carefully removed the broken down rifle from the wicker basket. The view was indeed spectacular. Her mark was sunbathing on the deck of his yacht, right on schedule. Time for someone to retire.