For this weeks Flash Friday the additional theme was Time Travel. We had 150 words to write about the following prompt:

Wawona Tree Road. Photo by the National Parks Service.

Wawona Tree Road. Photo by the National Parks Service.

Travel time

I was born in darkness. I pushed upwards, breaking through, reaching for the light. The sunlight was warm and nourishing. I continued my journey, surging towards the clouds. Those around me joined the race, trying to plunge me back into darkness, but I inched ahead, casting a shadow that stopped them in their tracks. The first winter came. I depleted my reserves, nearly starved, but then spring arrived with its replenishing showers.

I endured many storms, the wind tugging at my very roots, but they held strong. Fire from the sky carved my neighbours in twain. Ice encased my limbs, and entire branches fell, but time healed all. I lost track of the winters. I was everlasting.

Until the creatures arrived. They marvelled at my size, at my beauty. Then they returned with the angry spinning teeth. They ripped out my heart, severed my limbs, carved through history. All to save a few seconds of travel time.