For this, the final ever regular Flash!Friday, we had to incorporate a dragon into a story about the prompt below. I’m going to write a separate post about my time with FF, it’s been such a huge part of my writing routine over the last three years. For now, here’s today’s story:

“Her Story Written in Disappearing Ink.” CC2.0 photo by Michael Shaheen.


For Rebekah 🙂

Mother of Dragons

The hardest part about raising dragons is knowing when to set them free.

Sure they start out cute. They stumble on punctuation, or get carried away. Fire extinguishers are close by. They fly in circles, searching for an ending. All they need is some nurturing.

The training is hard work. Each week I show them new parts of the world. I watch them grow and develop, learning from each other. The more I constrain them, the more they squeeze in. Their words have teeth now, their fire is directed.

Some of them start to stretch their wings. New colonies are formed. I stand on top of the world and survey this new landscape, transformed by my efforts. In that moment, I know it is time.

I gather them up in my arms in one final hug. How magnificent they are. As I let them go, a single tear rolls down my face.

I gave them wings, now they must fly.