A very Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day spent with friends and family.

I couldn’t help but give myself a themed prompt today, but I wanted to try looking at things from a different perspective. Here’s the photo:

A broad breasted bronze male (tom) displaying – from Wikipedia here

Gobble Gobble

Gather round young poults, and heed my warnings. You must resist the temptation to feast. It is a trap!”

The youngsters all rolled their eyes. Old man Giblets was at it again, gobbling on about the day of reckoning. They ignored him and trotted over to the feeding trough. There was always more food than anyone could eat in a lifetime. Surely this place was turkey heaven.

Only one young chick turned back, one of the newest additions to their rafter. He eyed Giblets suspiciously, taking in his scrawny frame and bedraggled feathers. The youngster approached him cautiously, “Hi, I’m Jake. What do you mean we shouldn’t eat?”

Giblets stretched out his wing, engulfing the little one. He lowered his voice, “There is a day of reckoning once a year. Farmer Joe might seem like a nice guy now, but just wait until he’s doing the sorting ritual. He’ll line each and everyone one of us up into weight categories. Too fat and you’ll be hauled away in a giant metal box on wheels, never to be seen again. Too skinny and Farmer Joe takes you into that big red barn over there, and you never come out. It’s a very narrow margin for error, but if you can hover around 4lb’s, you can stay in this pen forever.”

Jake thought for a moment, before he said “Nonsense, that doesn’t make any sense! Farmer Joe would never do that.”

“Oh yeah, then where are all the older turkeys? Not many of them around are there?”

Jake looked around, his head bobbing rhythmically. Eventually he said, “But why? Why would there be one day when all the turkeys are taken away?”

“Oh that’s easy, the humans are celebrating the virgin birth of a child that turned out to be the son of their god, which happened thousands of years ago. They all gather together and eat their body weight in turkey meat.”

Jake scoffed so lough several of the other turkeys turned around. He said, “Wow, that’s the best you could come up with? If you’re going to haze us young guys, at least come up with something believable!” He turned and skipped away to join his friends at the trough.

Wise old man Giblets shrugged and strutted away, being sure to get his days cardio in.

There was just no helping youngsters these days!