It’s that time of year already, the end of year Flashversary bash. It’s particularly poignant this year as it marks the official end of Flash!Friday 🙁

This time we have a scant 100 words, and our story must start with the phrase On Friday everything changed. I chose to write two stories this week, because 100 words isn’t many, plus I want to squeeze in as much Flash!Friday as I can before it ends! There was also a totally optional photo prompt, which I incorporated into one of my stories:

“Balancing on the Brink.” Eagle Peak Summit, Chugach Mountains, Alaska. CC2.0 photo by Paxson Woelber.

Reach for the Summit

On Friday everything changed. The thick fog lifted, allowing me to see the challenge ahead. The summit seems so far away, totally out of reach to a novice like me. Only the dedicated make it to the top. I steel myself to follow in their footsteps.

This will be the week. I won’t stumble, or let fear hold me back. I’m going to make it. I throw my heart into it, committing with all my soul.

I can see my goal, taste the accomplishment.

The confirmation arrives. I read it with tears in my eyes.

1st Runner Up.

So close!



The Transformation

On Friday everything changed.

I carefully peel the mask from my face. I tug off the colored noose around my neck and remove the cuff-links that shackle me to my desk. The prison bars of my pinstripe suit are tossed aside. I transform into my truest self, faded track pants and a coffee stained t-shirt.

The spreadsheet is closed, to be replaced with a thing of beauty, a blank page.

What world shall I explore? Who will I meet? What zany adventures await us? I cannot wait to find out.

A world of endless possibility to squeeze in before Monday.