So here we are, the last Flash Friday of 2013! It’s been a crazy year of mermaids, snowmen, pixies, time machines and of course Dragons. Might as well wrap the year up with a healthy dose of aliens.

This week the additional component we have to layer into our story is Hope.

Young Star. Photo by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope.

Young Star. Photo by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.


Gordon awoke with a splitting headache. He couldn’t recall drinking last night. It took him a moment to realise his headache was talking to him.
“Greetings humanoid. I’ve been asked to make contact. We notice you’ve made rather a mess of your planet. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Fortunately my race is quite fond of carbon dioxide and intense heat, so your immeasurable tragedy is our gain.

If we were jerks we’d take your planet by force, but we’ve noticed you’re rather tenacious little creatures and we don’t have time to fumigate. Instead we’ve made you a new planet, complete with that disgusting mix of oxygen and plants you like. We’ll take you there if you promise to behave.”

Gordon didn’t have to decide, there was nothing left for them here. He concentrated, “We accept! When will you be here?”
“Oh we are just down the road, we’ll be there in a hundred years or so. See you soon!”