This weeks randomly generated theme is:

A toy shop is the location, honesty is the theme. A watch is an object that plays a part in the story.

Ok, so here goes:

Timmy stared longingly at the Lego set. He re-read the description again. This was final set to complete his castle. He was only $5 short. He’d have to beg for an advance on next weeks pocket money.

An old man walked by, twirling something. He put it in his pocket, knocking out a $10 bill. The old man continued on, oblivious. Timmy strolled over and tied up his tightly fastened shoelaces, slipping the bill into his pocket. His elation immediately soured. He couldn’t use stolen money, Sir Blocksalot would never permit such injustice in his Kingdom! Little Timmy stared at the box one last time before putting it back and running after the old man.

He found him in the pink aisle. Timmy spoke loudly, “Excuse me sir, I think you dropped this.” He brandished his ill gotten gains. The old man checked his pocket. He said, “Thank you young man, that is all the money I have to buy my new grand-daughter a gift. I have no idea what young girls like.” He twirled the object again.

Timmy shrugged, “Me either, its all dolls and princesses. What is that?”

“This is an old fashioned watch. This is how people told the time before cell phones. Look.” He flicked it open to reveal a watch face. Timmy pointed to the black and white photograph inside the lid, “Who’s that?”

“That was my wife. She passed away last year. She would have been much better at picking this gift.”

The old mans eyes teared up. Timmy reviewed the shelf and picked out a mermaid, “My sister would like this.”

“How much is it?”


“It is perfect. Thank you young man, for your help and your honesty. I think it is only fair you should keep the change.”

Timmy beamed. Sir Blocksalot might knight him for this.