For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a spy into a story about the following prompt:

The Beggar. CC2.0 photo by Foto_Michel.
The Beggar. CC2.0 photo by Foto_Michel.

Counter Intelligence

I’m trained in the art of counter intelligence. This doesn’t mean I am trained to spy on other spies. It means I am trained to understand idiots. You see, most of the work a spy does is finding the weak link in the system. It could be the intellectually bankrupt janitor who has seen too much, or the chatty mother in law of the nuclear scientist. In every system, there is a moron waiting to be exploited. That’s where I come in.

Today’s assignment is to infiltrate the embassy of a foreign country that’s been waving their flag a little too aggressively in our direction. The movies would have you believe I’ll be rappelling down from the ceiling, dodging laser tripwires. Instead I’m sat right outside, watching all the comings and goings, looking for my precious fool. I have a magic cup that makes me invisible, I simply hold it out at arms length and suddenly no-one sees me.

I spot my target almost immediately. He’s picking his nose with his thumb. He’s my ticket inside. As he passes I leap up, bumping into him. The bug slips casually onto his collar. Now I can see inside, and I don’t even have to leave my corner. Pure fool’s gold.