It’s been a little while since I did a Warmup Wednesday so I thought I would join the fun this week. We had to write a 100 word story about the following prompt, with the additional challenge of someone forgetting something important:


KL Tower base jump 2012 (Kuala Lumpur). CC2.0 photo by enshahdi.

The Getaway

“Open your eyes for your big surprise!”
They heard the screams from street level. It wasn’t what I was expecting.
She could barely talk through the sobs, “Why would you do this to me? You know I’m terrified of heights!”
“Terrified of heights? That’s news to me! I thought you’d always wanted to do a base jump?”

She stops crying long enough to scowl, “You’re mixing me up with your ex again.”

Uh oh. Have you ever wanted the ground to just open up and swallow you whole? Fortunately I had something almost as effective.

“See you at the bottom!”