For this weeks Warmup Wednesday we had to incorporate at least 3 shades of red into a story about the following prompt. Being a typical bloke I had to google shades of red!

Bus stop. CC photo by 5demayo.
Bus stop. CC photo by 5demayo.

Seeing Red

I’m so angry, my face blushes like a fire engine. I can still picture the lipstick on his collar. She probably has a stripper name, like Ruby or Scarlet.

I watch as the camper van disappears into a cloud of crimson dust. Moments ago it was a palace on wheels. Now I see it for what it truly was, an escape pod to get out of a jam. He never bought me roses, lobster or a nice bottle of Merlot. I gave him my heart, my love, my cherry.

I wonder how far he’ll get before he tries the brakes…