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So I’m trying something a bit different to celebrate the launch of the new site, I decided to record myself writing this weeks Warmup Wednesday. I already learned a lot from this experiment. Next time I’ll be sure to make the text bigger while I’m writing to make it easier to read and I will try sorting out some of the audio issues and microphone pops. If you’re really lucky I won’t be hiding in the basement for the next one!

Here’s the story in full:



Pilgrim’s Progress. “Thus, they got over.” Public domain illustration by Frederick Barnard 1889.


The bonds of brotherhood

Jared and Jacob stared up at the almighty beast before them and knew they were in trouble.

The Dragon peered down at them and cracked a smile, “Lucky for you I’ve just eaten, I could only manage one of you for desert…”

Jacob was the first to speak “Nice try foul creature but you’ll never break our bond of brotherhood. We’ve been through wars together, looked after each other’s families, shared many a heroic tale. We shall go down swinging together, isn’t that right?”

Jared nodded slowly before adding, “I had curry for lunch, so he’s probably your better option…”


I’d really love your thoughts and comments on this so I can make my next attempt better!