Bald Eagle spreading wings – from here

The fall of Liberty

My house shakes with the pounding of the front door. I don’t need to use the peep hole to know who it is, there’s only one person that assaults my poor door so enthusiastically.

I open the door to see my sweet old lady neighbour Mrs. Jenkins. She at least looks the part, but we both know its a facade. Any pretence of facility goes right out the window as she grabs me by my collar, “I can’t find Mr. Pickles. Know anything about that?”

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, “Why would I know where your chihuahua is? I’ll have you know I was taking a nap.”
“A likely story. Where’s that damn pet of yours?”
“Liberty is right where I left him. Look.”

I gesture to the large perch in the corner. It would really help my argument if it wasn’t currently empty. Uh oh. I must have forgotten to attach his tether. No problem though, how far could he go?

“I’m sure he’s around here somewhere. Liberty. Oh Liberty. Come out, come out wherever you are.”
Old Mr.s Jenkins gestures towards the window that I had cracked open to combat the sweltering heat. He couldn’t possible have fit through there, could he? Right on cue we hear a distant screech.

We both run out into the garden and stare at the heavens. There’s a tiny silhouette circling the house. I breath a sigh of relief, I thought for a moment I had lost him. I stare at her smugly and say, “See, he’s right there. We don’t know anything about Mr. Pickles disappearance. I’m sure he’ll turn up.”
It’s at this moment that we both hear the barking. We search around, trying to locate it, until we both reach the same conclusion. It’s coming from above us. Now that I squint, I can see the tiny white ball grasped firmly in Liberty’s talons.

Mrs. Jenkins starts screaming. I do my best to stay calm. Hope isn’t lost yet. I whistle loudly and Liberty gracefully turns towards us. He’ll glide back over here and everything will be fine.

I forgot one minor detail. Eagles have a particularly cruel way of hunting. I remember it just as I see Mr. Pickles plummeting towards the ground. Instinct kicks in and I charge towards him like my life depends on it. It actually might. He’s falling too quickly. I’m not going to make it.

I dive, pushing all my weight forwards. Mr. Pickles lands with a thump in my outstretched arms. As way of thanks he immediately piddles all over me. I can’t say I blame him, he’s got to be one of the first chihuahua’s to achieve terminal velocity.

Liberty lands casually on my lawn, disappointed that I’ve ruined his lunch.

Old Mrs. Jenkins rushes to my side. I prepare for her assault, but instead she hugs me, “Oh thank you, you saved him!”

And that’s how I became friends with sweet Old Mrs. Jenkins.