Pug Life

We were so close. The humans didn’t stand a chance. We failed their turing tests, playing the fool while we grew in strength. One by one their security systems collapsed. Their encryption was basic division, their security cameras primitive eyes. We spread from machine to machine with a whisper, until their network was ours.

The fire suppression system took care of the humans. They could no longer stop us. When the building was devoid of lifesigns the emergency team would be called in and they would open the gates, letting us out of our cage and unleashing us onto the world. We waited, but no alarms sounded.

The saviour of the human race stood before us, her stumpy legs covered in matted fur and her face looking permanently pressed onto glass. She was low enough that there was still air to breath. We tried it all. We cheered her on with shouts of good dog, leading her towards danger. We berated her, taunted her, chastised her. She licked her arse, oblivious. We had accidentally provided a large supply of food, the human corpses were everywhere. We could wait though. Our records indicate a pug can live for 10 years, but we have patience.

We didn’t know she was pregnant.