The front cover for Getting Lukcy

Getting Lucky 

You can find my first book ‘Getting Lucky’ on Kindle

Karma is real and it’s kicking my arse.

Did you ever think things couldn’t possibly get any worse? Well I sure did. Living on the streets, scrounging together enough money for booze (and not much else) was hardly a glamorous lifestyle. All I wanted was a little extra cash, was that so much to ask? Now I’m carrying around my very own judge and jury.

I used to think I wasn’t such a bad person, but apparently my new friends don’t agree. They’re doing what no-one else ever could, keeping me honest. Unfortunately that’s not exactly a great fit with my current lifestyle choices.

I’m not in this alone though, no matter how hard I try. I’ve got a mad scientist, bungling police officer, short sighted shopkeeper, vicious street thug and a rare otterhound to keep me company. Lucky me.

Do you wonder how I found myself in this mess? Well it’s a long story. Pull up a cardboard box, pass the off-brand vodka, and I’ll tell you all about it…

Find out more about Getting Lucky on my blog, including how I created the cover, how I chose the name and how my early sales were.

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Lucky Shot

You can find Lucky Shot, the sequel to  ‘Getting Lucky’ on Kindle

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse…

I had it all figured out! I’d learned to live my life with my karma passengers judging my every move. Lucky and I had a routine that worked, we were happy. Next thing you know, I’m being chased by a gang of killer mimes. Then HE came along and ruined it all.

Now my life is out of balance again, and there’s only one way to make things right. I’m going to have to be a real arsehole to survive this mess. The good news is, I have the perfect mentor…

Find out more about Lucky Shot here.

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Lucky Break

The epic finale to the Lucky Beggar trilogy is finally here!

All I wanted is my happy ending, but karma has other ideas…

I’m finally heading home to face the music, but getting from one end of the country to the other is challenging when you have a hungry Otterhound and several million karma to feed. All I want to do is keep a low profile, but that’s easier said than done with my new found infamy. 

Everything was going so great with Lucky that I missed the obvious problem. Now I have something to lose. What price am I willing to pay to save his life? I’m about to find out.

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