For this weeks Flash!Friday we were given the character of a Hunter to incorporate into a story about the following photo prompt:

stockholm-cityscapeStockholm cityscape. CC2.0 photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho.

Big game

My prey is close. I stalk the perimeter, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. He will be on his guard, there are many predators out tonight. I have only the weapons that I was born with.

I spot him hiding amongst his herd. He uses them as a shield, as bait to tempt the less disciplined. I won’t be so easily distracted. I know exactly what I came here for. I won’t accept anything less than the alpha male.

His eyes wander and I find my moment. I glide across the room, dodging his entourage. Suddenly I am beside him, ready to strike. Our eyes meet and he knows he is doomed. I unleash my most deadly weapon. His jaw drops, “Wow, I love your smile.”

He’s mine now, held hostage by my beauty. He’ll grow to love captivity in time.

The dating scene is survival of the fittest here. Why else would they call it Stockholm syndrome?