For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a Puppy into a story about the following prompt:

Caruso with phonograph, early 1900s. Bain photo owned by LOC; no known restrictions.

Caruso with phonograph, early 1900s. Baen photo owned by LOC; no known restrictions.

The Bark Box

I’m concerned about my pack.

For starters, they can’t figure out how to walk on all fours. I’ve tried showing them, but they just stand there grinning like idiots.

Don’t ask about their communication skills, their butts can hardly string a sentence together.

Then there was the whole ‘sit’ debacle. I know they can do it too, I’ve seen them, and yet they get so very excited when I do it.

That was all bad enough, but this new development is the final straw. Their barks weren’t very good, but at least they tried. Now they’ve brought home a strange contraption to bark for them! They gather around it at night and spin in circles, hypnotized. I think it’s taking advantage of their stupidity. It’s up to me to protect the pack! A healthy dose of urine should scare it away.

Then maybe I can get back to solving the mystery. I will discover who’s a good boy.