For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a famous author into a story about the following prompt:

Barbary Macaque, Gibraltar. CC 2.0 photo by David Stanley.

Barbary Macaque, Gibraltar. CC 2.0 photo by David Stanley.

Monkeying around

“I don’t understand why this isn’t working!”
Carl ripped the paper out of the nearest typewriter and read it out loud, “ 17. CHICKEN FRIED RICE. What the heck is this?”
One of the men in white coats tried to help, “I think that’s a Chinese takeaway menu.”
Carl’s blood pressure spiked, “You eggheads told me if we got 50,000 monkeys together they’d recreate Shakespeare. What went wrong? No-ones going to pay for this dribble.”

The scientists all shrugged. It was the janitor who spoke, “If I may, I know I’m just here to sweep up the poop and banana skins, but it occurs to me you don’t have enough monkeys.”
Carl waved him away like a bad smell, “Nonsense, I ordered 50,000 on the button.”
“That may be true, but one of them joined me out on the balcony for a smoke. Guess he developed a taste for it in the lab.”

Carl banged his fist on the nearest desk, “Someone grab that monkey. And some Chicken Fried rice!”