For this weeks Flash!Friday our themes were based on Pilgrims Progress. I chose to go with someone whose primary purpose in life is avoiding hardship; a palace guarded by lions. We had a very tight word limit this week, just 100 words to play with. I didn’t really use the optional photo prompt provided so I found a different one that was more suited:


The Young King

“Are we nearly there yet?” The young King’s complaint caused a murmur amongst the men carrying him.

His senior advisor leaned over, “Your grace, the enemy stronghold is around this corner. It’s guarded by ninjas and a pack of hungry lions.”
“No big deal, we have plenty of men. I will not rest until my Father is avenged!” He puffed out his tiny chest.

“Very good sire. Which armour shall I prepare?”
“Yes, to go into battle. The King always leads the charge.”

There was a pause before the King declared, “change of plans, turn back, all is forgiven.