For this weeks Flash Friday we had 175 words to write about this photo prompt:

"La Gioconda," by Leonardo da Vinci

“La Gioconda,” by Leonardo da Vinci


The artist paced anxiously waiting for his lordship. This was the fourth attempt to capture the likeness of his wife. The first he’d deemed “chubby”, the second “depressing” and the previous attempt “boring”. When her ladyship had learned of this assessment she exclaimed, “Well then we shall ensure he won’t be bored with this one.” That’s when the trouble began.
The King burst into the room. He did not wait for an invitation to reveal the work, this was not a man used to waiting. He skidded to a halt as he saw the painting and stammered to get out his review, “w…w…where are her clothes?”
The artist took a deep breath, “She refused to wear them my lord.”
The King stared transfixed, “I see, well I shall deal with her later. You shall paint clothes on this at once before being escorted to the dungeon.” The King turned to leave but couldn’t resist a final glance at the canvas. As he stormed out he shouted, “And paint that stupid smirk off her face!”