For this weeks Flash Friday we had 100 words exactly to write about this picture:

"The Lady of Shallot," John William Waterhouse, 1888.“The Lady of Shallot,” John William Waterhouse, 1888.

I had to do a bit of research for this one. The painting is based on an old poem which is itself based on an old story about the Lady of Shallot, who apparently had a bit of a crush on Lancelot from Camelot. The short version of the story is that she fancied him, he fancied Guinevere, and so Lady Shallot died of a broken heart. At least Lancelot paid for her funeral, so there’s some silver lining there. Anyway, I didn’t want my Lady Shallot to be quite so lame, so I made up my own version of the story.


I always knew he was a workaholic, but this is getting ridiculous! This is the third time he’s cancelled our date, something about a Round Table emergency, which we both know is just an excuse to hang around with his mates chugging mead. Honestly, his boss Arthur clicks his fingers and off he trots like an eager puppy. It’s that stupid sword. Something about a soaking wet old lady handing out weapons seems suspicious to me, but if that’s what it takes to get Lancelot’s attention then I’m going to find her and get myself a nice big swamp axe!