This weeks Flash!Friday is based on the classic novel 1984. The themes I chose to incorporate in my story were a character that’s a historian and the conflict of man vs society (government). Here is the optional picture prompt which I loosely incorporated:

Riot Police. CC2.0 photo by Thomas Hawk.
Riot Police. CC2.0 photo by Thomas Hawk.

Old School Romantic

The lady in the red dress leans in closer, placing her hand on my lap. I play it cool, like this is an everyday occurrence. She whispers delicately, “I heard a rumour that you’re a history buff…”
My heart races, a mixture of fear and excitement, “Me, a historian? Don’t be silly.”

She leans away and pouts, “that’s a shame, I find the old ways extremely sexy. Back when everyone was free to do anything they wanted…” Her tongue rolls the straw around her glass.

I stare around the room anxiously. Is she trying to get us both arrested? There could be micro-cams anywhere in this run down bar. Any moment now the Suppressors could kick the door down and drag us both to Blackbar.

I hold my breath, but nothing happens. Instead she gets up to leave. I should let her go, she’s clearly dangerous.

“Wait.” The word falls out of my mouth like a brick. I pull her close, “I might know a thing or too about the olden days. I found a box of books in the attic. Mostly romance novels, but a man can learn a lot from reading if you catch my drift…”
She smiles seductively, “I can’t wait for you to tell me all about them.”

That’s when she pulls out her badge.