For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate Envy into a story about the following prompt:

Panathenaic Stadium. Olympic Opening Ceremony 1896. Public domain photo.

Panathenaic Stadium. Olympic Opening Day 1896. Public domain photo.

Fastest man alive

I stare at the old photos. The display represents Olympic purity, before dieticians and personal trainers got involved. The marshals usher us into the roaring stadium.

We line up. I tense, ready to surge. BANG. The race is over in seconds, 4 years condensed into the blink of an eye. I am first across the line, my country will be proud.

The judges review the finish. They position me on the silver podium. The medal weighs around my neck like an anvil. My national anthem burns with every note. I have failed. I glance at first place and something snaps. I reach up and tug on his gold medal until it grips his throat. I hold it tight as he squirms. The marshals try to pull me off, but they haven’t trained like I have. When they finally release him, he slumps to the ground lifeless. My honor returns, for the millions of witnesses I am the fastest man alive.