Now that Flash!Friday is no more I don’t have the luxury of someone picking my prompts for me. However, I’m determined to achieve my goal of posting a short story every Friday in 2015, so I’m just going to have to improvise! I found a picture online, here’s my story for it:


To the end of Love – by Rachel Blaser – photo from here

Washed ashore

What happened to the lighthouse? It gave us direction, warned us of danger ahead. We’ve sailed these waters a thousand times, but without it we were doomed. The waters got choppy, the wind picked up, and before I knew it I was dashed against the rocks.

Of course, he dived out before we wrecked. I can only hope the tide drags him under. There’s no putting this ship back together, he’s made certain of that. He scuttled our love with his words, tore holes in the sails of hope that pushed us forwards. All I am left with is the flotsam of our time together.

I should be mad, but I’m not. We could have been in much deeper waters, been further from shore. He think’s he’s ruined me, but I have all I need here. There’s enough for a raft, I can pull the pieces together and be back out to sea in no time. Some jaunty sailor will find me, they always do.

I’ll make sure the next one has a much bigger mast.