For this weeks Flash! Friday, we had to write a story about the following prompt:

Wine Glass. CC2 photo by BlakJakDavy.Wine Glass. CC2 photo by BlakJakDavy.

Top up

Daisy’s voice echoed clear across the lake, “It’s half empty! You’re mad to think otherwise.”
Claire giggled tipsily, “It’s half full! There’s still plenty of wine left in there.”
“Yes, but I’ve already drank half of it. I have much less than when I started.”
“Are we still talking about wine? It sounds more like a mid life crisis.”
“There’s going to be a crisis if you don’t top me up.”
“What I’m saying is, you still have plenty of wine left. And life. Don’t give up. Just because he left you, doesn’t mean your life is over.”
“You promised not to talk about him. Now shut up and pass the wine.”
“You’ve had too many already.”
“Husbands or glasses of wine?”
“Nonsense. Technically this is still my first glass.”
“Yes, because you keep insisting I top you up when it’s still half full.”
“Half empty!”
“I’m starting to see why he left you…”