For this weeks Flash Friday the additional component we had to layer into our stories was Duty. We had 150 words to write about this prompt:

Snowman on Lake. Photo by Petritap.

Before the sun comes up

Don’t take youth for granted, I know I did! Life’s too short, you need to live it. I used to have a bushy head of hair, not this patchy undergrowth you see now. These scrawny arms used to be mighty logs, I’d drive the ladies wild. I had the longest nose you’d ever seen, and you know what they say about men with long noses. If only that stupid deer hadn’t eaten it! I just wish I had travelled more.

I know what you’re all thinking, you’re freshly made, you feel invincible, you have all the time in the world. You’re firm in all the right places, tightly packed, white as a daisy. Well it was only yesterday that I felt that way too, and look at me now. You owe it to your creators to make something of yourselves. If not for them, do it for your fallen comrades. Just do it quickly, before the sun comes up.