For this weeks Flash Friday we had 99 words exactly to write about the following prompt:

Nurse with babies. Photo from Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-13429 / CC-BY-SA.

Nurse with babies. Photo from Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-13429 / CC-BY-SA.

Never again

“Smile for the camera” my husband says. If I wasn’t so tired I’d yell at him. He did this, it’s all his fault. It was his idea to have ‘a baby’. You think he would have mentioned bloody triplets run in his family!

One of the babies just crapped themselves. Between the three of them there’s a constant stream of poop.

I swear this baskets getting heavier. I just have to hold on for a few more seconds.

I grit my teeth into a smile. Hubby smiles back. If only he knew I’m never having sex with him again!


EDIT: Someone commenting on the story above inquired what the husbands side of the story was, so here it is!

My idea?

I swear she’s wearing that sexy nurse costume just to torture me. If it wasn’t for Halloween I’d have never knocked her up. Of course I pretended to be pleased about it, what could I do? Somehow though she’s got it into her head that having kids was all my idea, like I was desperate to throw away poker night with the guys, and my sunday Baseball league, and basically my entire life.

I smell shit again. Honestly, it never ends. Now she’s making a face like she’s crapping herself too. Better hurry up and take the bloody photo.