For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a Wedding into a story about the following prompt:

John Talbot's presentation of the Book of Shrewsbury to Queen Margaret of Anjou. Public domain, courtesy of British Royal Library.

John Talbot’s presentation of the Book of Shrewsbury to Queen Margaret of Anjou ca 1445 AD. Public domain, courtesy of the British Library Royal.

All the rage

The King waited patiently for his wedding outfit to be prepared. One servant looked uneasy as he approached with a bundle of silk ribbons, “Your highness, the royal fashion advisor informed me this is your under garment for today.”
“What is it?”
“I think it’s called a force-it. He said it will keep everything in place. Apparently they are all the rage in France.”
The King nodded to proceed. He gasped for breath as the servant heaved on the ribbons, before calling over others to help. His ample gut was successfully displaced, with most of it spilling out the top. He looked down, “This is preposterous, I have a bigger bosom than the future Queen. Get the fashion advisor.”

The advisor appeared with a horrified look on his face. He mumbled, “Your highness, why are you wearing the Queens corset?”
“The Queens?” The King bellowed furiously, “You wanted all the rage? Well now that’s what you’re going to get!”