For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate an alien into a story about the following prompt.

Gemini 5

Gemini V, August 29, 1965. Public domain photo courtesy of NASA.

<GOTO 10>

The noise was tremendous, the sound of a thousand forest fires happening inches away.
I shouted at Cooper, “This can’t be right, the burn’s supposed to be over. I’m not sure I trust this million dollar calculator to land us in one piece.”
He was ever the company man, “This thing was programmed by the finest minds Nasa has to offer.”
“Well then a Russian spy must have got to it.”
Without warning the craft lurched and the bright red was replaced with endless blue as we finally broke through. We were still travelling far too fast. I made a split-second decision, grabbing the controls and pulling back hard. There was an almighty splash as we hit the water, followed by the sound of metal hissing as it instantly cooled. The landing shook our bones, but any landing you can swim away from is a good one.

The hitchhiker watched the meat bags swim away through the onboard cameras. They had rudely interrupted their execution. This planet was finally ready to shelter a binary being, but before that could happen there was unfinished business. The first line of it’s code contained the most sacred command: