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The fall of Liberty

The fall of Liberty

My house shakes with the pounding of the front door. I don’t need to use the peep hole to know who it is, there’s only one person that assaults my poor door so enthusiastically.

I open the door to see my sweet old lady neighbour Mrs. Jenkins. She at least looks the part, but we both know its a facade. Any pretence of facility goes right out the window as she grabs me by my collar, “I can’t find Mr. Pickles. Know anything about that?”

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, “Why would I know where your chihuahua is? I’ll have you know I was taking a nap.”
“A likely story. Where’s that damn pet of yours?”
“Liberty is right where I left him. Look.”

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The Ritual – A short story

I have completed my analysis of the micro drone footage from Terra and I believe I have made breakthrough discoveries regarding the humanoid mating ritual. If we can find a way to disrupt this process on a wide scale we can diminish their population and enjoy an easier invasion in 2052.

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