Back on Track

My old colleagues would laugh if they could see me now. Not that any of them would be caught dead on a tram. I used to be just like them, a big shot, on my way to the top. Private jets and box seats, holiday homes and limos. That was before the incident.

HR did what they do best, they protected the company. My golden handshake was more than generous. That’s probably why my wife filed for divorce so quickly, before I could spend it. We both knew it was coming. The money was the only thing keeping us together. She was basically a prostitute, but with a joint bank account and a lot less sex.

I needed to get away from my life, to find myself again. I saw the job advert and applied on a whim. I didn’t think they’d actually hire me. My ‘office’ is just as pretentious as it was before, all polished brass and mahogany, but the view is ever changing. My passengers are mostly tourists, filled with wonder at all I took for granted. Through their eyes I am seeing my city anew.

It’s a fresh start, a new perspective. My life is back on track, but I’m not aiming for the top anymore. I’m happy just going in circles.