Author: Craig Anderson

Book Promotion Experiment

As I mentioned previously it doesn’t necessarily make financial sense to extensively market your first book. However, when you have two or three books in a series the financials start to add up a little more. This leaves the million dollar question as to how to spend your marketing budget (which presumably isn’t $1 million). There are lots of ways to advertise your books, including facebook ads, AMS, YouTube ads and countless more. For this particular experiment I wanted to test out the effectiveness of the book promotion companies. These companies will send out emails, tweets and facebook posts about your...

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A Tweet for help

I watched on the screens as the red circles slowly engulfed the map of the world. I turned to the General next to me, “What does it mean?” “It’s bad Mr. President. Every country has deployed their nuclear arsenals. We didn’t know who North Korea was targeting so everyone desperately launched their missiles before they themselves were hit, which created a cascading effect.” I stare the screen in disbelief, “Did I cause this?” Everyone in the bunker shares a glance and no-one says anything. Deep down I know what they’re all thinking. It was my tweet. A hollow threat...

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Third time’s a charm

The Lucky Beggar trilogy started out as a short story. That was 80k words and three novellas ago. What started as a fun distraction from editing a full length novel quickly morphed into a world that I enjoyed spending time in. I never intended to write a trilogy, or a series. Getting Lucky ends somewhat abruptly because at the time I had no idea what else to write! I was quite content to leave my homeless hero and his lovable Otterhound to their own devices, but three years after that initial launch a thought nagged at the back of my...

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DOOMed The police officer approaches me slowly, his hand on his pistol, “Sir, can you please come down from that tree?” “Not a chance!” He surveys the destruction all around us, “What happened here?” I stare at the smoking remains of my house and mutter, “Doom.” The Police officer nods, “Yes quite, and gloom too, but how did this happen? I will need to take a statement to confirm some of the more graphic complaints we received.” Where to even begin. At the start I suppose, “Well, you know that they moved the baby naming registry entirely online a...

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Whoops, there was a bit of an unintended delay between the last indie book and this one. It was for a good reason, I had a total writing binge in February which took up far more of my free time than I expected, but I’ve had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that I should be keeping up with my #YearOfIndie. My indie book this time around was Idyllic Avenue by Chad Ganske, a fellow Canadian indie author. As promised I have posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Here is what I had to say...

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