Author: Craig Anderson

Level Up – Chapter 1

Level Up LEVEL 1: SURPRISE   “Seriously, I don’t think it’s possible to beat this final boss. He’s burning through our extra lives again. I can’t face another week like last week. Let’s just use that cheat code I told you about and get this over with.” My brow crinkles at the very suggestion. “No, we’re going to beat him properly. We haven’t come all this way to cheat our way to the ending. I want a real sense of pride and accomplishment, not some hollow victory. I just need to level up more. We could go back and...

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Back on Track

Back on Track My old colleagues would laugh if they could see me now. Not that any of them would be caught dead on a tram. I used to be just like them, a big shot, on my way to the top. Private jets and box seats, holiday homes and limos. That was before the incident. HR did what they do best, they protected the company. My golden handshake was more than generous. That’s probably why my wife filed for divorce so quickly, before I could spend it. We both knew it was coming. The money was the only...

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Pug Life

Pug Life We were so close. The humans didn’t stand a chance. We failed their turing tests, playing the fool while we grew in strength. One by one their security systems collapsed. Their encryption was basic division, their security cameras primitive eyes. We spread from machine to machine with a whisper, until their network was ours. The fire suppression system took care of the humans. They could no longer stop us. When the building was devoid of lifesigns the emergency team would be called in and they would open the gates, letting us out of our cage and unleashing...

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TROJAN – Chapter 1

// 1: CALLING CARD   “We’ve got a problem.” Carter sat up in his bed and checked the clock. 4 a.m. This must be bad. He mumbled into the phone, “Damien, this better be urgent.” Damien’s voice was hyperactive and the words came tumbling out. Carter took a moment to let each one process, “I’ve discovered a network breach.” “Sounds bad, but why is it 4 a.m. wake up call bad?” “It’s a TLA network.” Carter sat up. Their Three Letter Acronym clients expected 24 hour support and that’s what they paid for. He needed to know how much...

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I’m playing catch up with my #YearOfIndie, which was helped greatly by how much I enjoyed this latest book. I initially received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) but due to my delays in reviewing the book and because of how much I enjoyed it I ended up buying a copy anyway! I suppose I should probably remind you that this weeks book was Murder at the Playgroup by Liz Hedgecock: As usual I put a review up on Amazon and Goodreads. Here is what I had to say: This is my first cozy mystery and it was a great...

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